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Trevey Land and Commercial provides traditional property listing and marketing services for property owners seeking a greater level of attention and stronger results than offered by other brokerages. As a Douglas County based brokerage with a well-developed knowledge of the Southeast Denver market, Trevey Land and Commercial delivers a higher level of service and attention than larger downtown Denver brokerage houses. We offer more focused market specialization and deal with fewer competing interests.

Conventional marketing tools are employed by Trevey Land and Commercial including employing recognized commercial listing resources such as CoStar, Loop Net and Xcellligent. Local and regional web site postings and links (such as the Parker Economic Development Council site and Douglas County’s Economic Development site) are also kept updated with our listings. Quality commercial signage is also a priority with Trevey Land and Commercial. The maximum allowable size of sign (or signs, depending on the property and visible roadway frontage) is erected for each listing advertising the specific acreage, square footage available and usage of the property. The brokerage is responsible for the content and exact placement of each sign.

A specific marketing plan is developed for each property. Land offerings are packaged and presented via effective mailings to qualified Buyers most likely to be interested in the size of parcel, type of zoning and compatibility with that that Buyer’s or developer’s product type. Commercial buildings and investment properties are each presented to the appropriate potential Buyers. Quality marketing materials for all properties are also sent electronically to commercial brokers, end-users, site selectors and Tenant representatives.

With over 50 years of combined development experience, the team at Trevey Land and Commercial can assist with every type of development project imaginable. We’ve successfully developed raw land into residential subdivisions, mixed-use commercial projects, office buildings and retail centers, along with the redevelopment of existing improved properties.

Whether the property requires annexation and rezoning, subdivision and platting, or site plan approval for final construction, we’ve done it all. Securing final development entitlements in municipal and county jurisdictions can be a complicated process, but we know the ropes. We’ve developed our own properties and regularly perform these services for our clients. Our rates are reasonable and we get the job done effectively and on time. With extensive experience and proven working relationships with land planners, architects, and engineers, we assemble the right team for each project and follow through until final governmental approvals are obtained.

Any leasing broker can put up a sign and create a brochure for the web, then wait for the phone to ring or their web site to get a hit. Trevey Land and Commercial does the best job of signage and brochure work, but it takes more than that. Your broker must know the property, the Landlord, and the best fit for each space. This is where we exceed our Landlords’ expectations. Each of our properties is carefully researched for the detailed information necessary to effectively represent and market the property. And a high level of communication between our brokerage and the Landlords from the beginning of the relationship ensures we know exactly what the Landlords expect and what they can deliver.

Target marketing space for lease is crucial in getting the properties in front of the right Tenants. Trevey Land and Commercial utilizes all conventional marketing methods including commercial listings with CoStar, Loopnet and Xceligent, but we have learned that it takes networking and research to determine where marketing efforts are best focused. We determine the most beneficial use for vacant space for the property itself, identifying synergistic uses and complementary businesses for retail properties, and the most supportive and interactive businesses and practices for professional office buildings. Our understanding of regulations governing the operation of particular businesses in certain properties or zoning areas keeps wasted time to a minimum. Whether it is hours of operation, signage ordinances or parking requirements, we know if the deal is going to work before we make it. And our extensive working knowledge of the Tenant finish process and permit approval requirements qualify us to work with the Landlord and Tenant to quickly get Tenants into their spaces.

Commercial Tenants need solid and experienced representation. Unlike looking for a home or apartment to rent, leasing commercial space can be more complicated. Trevey Land and Commercial has proven experience in working as an advocate for commercial Tenants in the search and negotiation for their space. We bring a clear understanding of the market and rates along with the knowledge of what is considered ordinary and customary in commercial lease transactions. We also know how to get the best deal for our Tenants, bringing them and us satisfaction, along with consistent referrals for Tenant representation.

Once engaged by the Tenant, we are prompt with our property searches and effective with our results. Tenants are provided with information on every possible space available that meets their criteria, followed by tours of the properties to make the most of the Tenant’s time. Once identified, Tenants are counseled on what would be the most beneficial and cost-effective proposal to lease, based on the needs of their business. Time is always of the essence in real estate, and we have found time nowhere more vital than in lease negotiations. Our Tenants get the right space for their business at the best possible rates on the most suitable terms for them.

Land and commercial property Buyers regularly engage us to identify and locate properties suitable for their intended use. Like any brokerage, we will conduct a search of the commercial listing sources to gather information and marketing materials for all the properties that meet the Buyer’s criteria. Membership in each of these commercial listing services allows Trevey Land and Commercial to perform this preliminary search for Buyers quickly and efficiently.

However, many Buyers’ needs may not necessarily be met by properties listed and advertised with other brokerages. Trevey Land and Commercial conducts an actual on-the-ground search for qualified properties that are not advertised on these commercial listing sources, but may be listed for-sale-by-owner or listed with residential agents unfamiliar with commercial brokerage. Finding every available property possible often includes the direct solicitation of property owners in an effort to determine if they are willing to sell their property to our Buyer clients.

Land has been our specialty since we opened for business. We have a lengthy history of representing Buyers in the acquisition of land for development. That history includes not only identifying the right property and assisting in preparing the appropriate offer, but also working through the often complicated process of approvals and entitlements for the intended use prior to closing the sale. Thousands of acres of land for large-scale master-planned residential community developments, commercial mixed-use projects and retail centers have been successfully acquired through our efforts. And we are extremely effective at finding a single lot for an end-user in just the right location and getting it closed for just the right price.

Commercial properties of all types have kept us busy when land has been quiet. Investors and users for office, commercial, retail, and industrial real estate continue to seek opportunities for ownership of existing properties versus buying land and building their own. Our experience in this segment of the market keeps us active and successful. We know what properties are worth and as a Buyer’s agent, we have the experience to advocate and negotiate on behalf of the Buyer for the best possible deal.

The team at Trevey Land and Commercial has extensive experience in land development including commercial, retail and residential uses. In Douglas County, Arapahoe County and Elbert County, we have developed multiple projects for team members, partners and clients. Consultation is available to Buyers looking to buy and build, and to land owners interested in developing their own properties or having them developed.

The extent of our consultation services includes feasibility and assistance in land planning and entitlement (annexation, re-zoning, subdivision and platting). Trevey Land and Commercial does not participate in construction management; however, we have developed strong relationships with developers, contractors and construction companies qualified to complete any kind of project.

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