Tenant Representation


Commercial Tenants need solid and experienced representation. Unlike looking for a home or apartment to rent, leasing commercial space can be more complicated. Trevey Land and Commercial has proven experience in working as an advocate for commercial Tenants in the search and negotiation for their space. We bring a clear understanding of the market and rates along with the knowledge of what is considered ordinary and customary in commercial lease transactions. We also know how to get the best deal for our Tenants, bringing them and us satisfaction, along with consistent referrals for Tenant representation.

Once engaged by the Tenant, we are prompt with our property searches and effective with our results. Tenants are provided with information on every possible space available that meets their criteria, followed by tours of the properties to make the most of the Tenant’s time. Once identified, Tenants are counseled on what would be the most beneficial and cost-effective proposal to lease, based on the needs of their business. Time is always of the essence in real estate, and we have found time nowhere more vital than in lease negotiations. Our Tenants get the right space for their business at the best possible rates on the most suitable terms for them.

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